Skitzo Fonik Stage Plot & Tech Specs

Call Eric with any technical questions regarding Skitzo Fonik's setup: 612-293-7867 (call/text/lv msg).
For Production Info, Please Read:
We need NO MONITORS, as we are on our own IEM system. We use two rack mounted digital Behringer X32 mixers to host and run our entire show. All lines connect to our rig via a rack mounted splitter. We can provide an iPad connected to our router for FOH mixing, or provide a direct-out split whip (15ft) if necessary. If mixing via iPad, we need only to connect to the venue's provided FOH PA speakers via left & right lines.

For individuals or companies hired either by us or a third party that are providing a PA for us to use, please know that we typically employ our own technician. It is your gear, professionalism, and your expertise in the given situation that you have been hired for, and we are completely appreciative, thankful, and respectful of all that. We ask that you work with us and our crew because they understand our complicated show and what is needed every moment of it. You know your gear and the environment it's in, they know our show. Our show is non-stop as we blend songs together and feature different vocalists along the way. Nothing is worse than those first crucial vocal moments and cues getting lost in the mix - thus lost in translation between band and audience. We want the show to run smoothly and be as successful for everyone involved as possible!

Download Drum Plot PDF

Drum Plot

A quick note about the drum plot: The drummer has several different kits that he chooses to use depending on various factors of the show. THIS represents the standard kit setup, however it may change. Some kits are larger than listed here, and would be discussed with the event's technical consultant in advance. (It's rare the larger kits are used). Some kits are smaller 4 or 5 piece kits. This plot is provided as a reference only, and serves as a suggested minimum input availability for the drums. If you go by this plot, you will have enough inputs available to cover us 99% of the time - and again, you'd know in advance if a larger kit's use is planned.